Bureau diplomatique de Belgique en Bosnie-Herzégovine

Jours fériés


1 January Tuesday New Year (BE/BiH)
2 January Wednesday New Year (BiH)
1 March Friday Independence Day (BiH)
22 April Monday Easter Monday(BE/BiH)
1 May Wednesday Labour Day (BE/BiH)
30 May Thursday Ascension Day (BE)
21 July Sunday National Day
15 August Thursday Assumption Day (BE)
16 August Friday Feast of the Sacrifice (date to be confirmed) (BiH)
1 November Friday All Saints Day (BE)
2 November Saturday All Soul’s Day (BE)
11 November Monday Armistice (BE)
15 November Friday King’s Day (BE)
25 November Monday National day of BiH
25 December Wednesday Christmas (BE/BiH)
26 December Thursday Christmas, 2d Day